about us

A Little History

"NuclearMotion" was born out of a web tool company previously owned by the founder, Adam Dennis. The company specialized in web tools for automotive dealers. When the founder sold the company in 2005, he spent a number of years serving as a business consultant for web tech companies. Wherever he went he found the same patterns of how companies are run vs. how they should be run, and how products are developed vs. the inevitable "should be."


The failure, whether for a company, a product, or a service for a client, was always in the details. Often it was something very simple such as the act of listening to determine someone's needs, the right questions, or a procedure that, when changed, made everything run smoothly. Thus we find the "nuclear" part of NuclearMotion.


"Motion" is rooted in action... How we act defines who we are and how seriously we take ourselves and our work. Since starting in the web industry in 1994, Mr. Dennis learned that those companies that do well stick to the details and get their work done quickly. The result is a quality product or service that makes customers and promotes long-term relationships


The web 2.x crew

In contrast to his first company, NM is structured according to a distributed management model with workers from around the world offering specialized services. This Web 2.x model reduces operating costs, reflects the nature of our changing world and technology, and provides a wider range of experience and talent. We manage all our work through well established production procedures so that each customer's needs are are met.

Web ProductionUnity in Purpose

We have a core team of over twenty people with the ability to expand as needs demand. Our talent base shares a common philosophy that serves as a binding force creativity and excellence. Besides philosophy we are unified by VOIP (Voice Over IP), project management software, and and a variety of IM platforms. Many of us probably talk more than if we shared the same office. Oddly, the virtual world forces us to communication better than we might in the real world because we are so conscious of distance, time, and variations of culture. We bring this sensativity to you to ensure your expectations are met (and exceeded) at all times.