our portfolio
  • CrimePics.com - Under Construction
  • Miller School of Medicine - Multi-Site Project
  • University of Maryland Cancer Partnership - OS CMS
  • University of Miami Health System - Consulting & Mulit-Site Project
  • Constitutional Accountability Center OS CMS & Blog
  • DealerSkins - Consulting
  • Carib-World Travel
  • XIGroup - Consulting
  • Nicole's Table
about portfolio


The examples posted here cover a range of projects from business and technical operations consulting to web production and web tool development. The unifying themes are a commitment to service, quality, and a broad base of knowledge about web development, software engineering, web site-business operations integration, and over 15 years of experience in the Internet industry.


Our skill sets include:

  • Programming: HTML, PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Java
  • Database: MySQL.
  • Design: Photoshop, Flash, and ActionScript (for Flash)
  • SEO/SEM: Optimization and Search Engine Marketing consulting.
  • OS Focus: Linux hosting Apache Web Server and MySQL database.
  • Consulting: Technical operations/software development consulting.